About Me

Hey there! My name is Kerri Grace. I am a wife, momma to a toddler, and the owner of Grace Fitness and Nutrition. I am a Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach (PPA), with a mission to help women navigate how to start or continue to live their active and healthy lifestyle throughout these chapters with both fitness and nutrition coaching. I never want another woman to say, “I wish I would have known” like I have said myself many times. Now, I DO know, and I am sharing the knowledge and information with women like you.

How did I get here? I was a competitive cheerleader for many years, and have always loved being active and healthy. I found CrossFit in 2011 and instantly fell in love. I also become passionate about helping people find the same success in becoming fit and healthy, got certified and have been coaching and learning about fitness and nutrition ever since. In addition to being a PPA Coach, I am a CrossFit Level 2, USAW Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certified Online Trainer, and am enrolled in the Girls Gone Strong Academy.

Why am I passionate about pregnancy and postpartum fitness? I am so passionate about this because of my own experience training through pregnancy and postpartum. As a Coach, I thought I would be ok, but the truth was I was completely uneducated about these chapters and the pelvic floor. I ended up with diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia after my first child and I want to share my knowledge with YOU, to help prevent or lessen any current symptoms you may have. If you have pelvic floor issues (incontinence, prolapse, ab separation, pelvic pain etc.), I am here to help you work out functionally, while achieving your fitness goals. I want to help YOU feel healthy again, and to be able to do the things you love now and years down the road.

I believe everyone is stronger than they think they are, and I’d love to think I can help you see this about yourself.  *Beauty in Strength*

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